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Juliane Kowski: For the Time Being
Juliane's new CD " For The Time Being", 2013 available for purchase:
I   use   music   as   a   therapeutic   tool   to   work   with   children,   youth   and their   families   who   struggle   with   social,   emotional   and   behavioral challenges   due   to   anxiety,   depression, ADHD, Aspergers   Syndrome, Learning    differences    and    traumatic    events.    In    the    active    music making    process    I    help    them    developing    emotional,    social    and behavioral   coping   strategies   within   a   creative,   fun   and   empathetic relationship.   Art    and    play    may    also    be    included    throughout    this process. Music   Therapy   is   a   widely   recognized,   research   based,   effective treatment   modality   used   in   hospitals,   school   programs   and   private practices. For more information on research click here: No    musical    skill    or    training    is    necessary    to    participate    in    this process.
Welcome to Juliane’s Music Therapy website Juliane singing her ocean song.