Music Therapy Groups for the Elderly  Music   Therapy   is   an   evidenced   and   research   based   intervention   in   the work     with     elderly     people     suffering     from     any     form     of     Dementia (Alzheimer's,    Parkinson's),    Acquired    brain    injury    (stroke),    Terminal diseases   (cancer),   Parkinson's   Disease,   Huntington's   Disease,   Mental Illnesses (Depression), physical pain, people in need of end of life care. Music   is   processed   mostly   in   the   right   side      of   the   brain   and   bypasses parts   of   the   brain   that   are   effected   by   dementia.   A   familiar   song   can access    memories,    feelings,    recall    places    and    people    that    have    been forgotten   and   can   reconnect   a   person   with   memories   essential   to   living a satisfying life. Watch this clip on the Alchemy of Music:       Music Therapy groups are structured with music activities designed by a trained music therapist to address clinical goals such as: - Decreasing anxiety, depression, pain - Improving ability to connect and have socially satisfying        experiences - Increasing motivation to participate in group activities - Decreasing agitation,confusion and unwanted behaviors - Increasing mobility - Helping with reality orientation (place, time, person recognition) Musical Activities include: - Singing songs/ Vocalizing - Musical Improvisation (making up music) - Group drumming - Guided relaxation with music - Moving to music - Writing/recording music Please contact Juliane for sessions at her studio or to arrange home visits. This is what a daughter of an elderly man expressed after Juliane has been working with at his home throughout the past year: "You are making my Dad's year very happy and we appreciate it!" To sign up please email: or call: 510.225. 5207
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