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Drum   Circles   are   a   fun   entry-level   learning   experience   that   is   accessible to   anyone   who   wants   to   participate.   It   provides   a   rhythmic   collective experience,   a   creative   outlet   and   a   fun   way   of   building   community. Participants   will   have   opportunities   to   explore   a   variety   of   small   and   big drums   (djembes,   congas,   bongos)   and   shakers   to   make   music   with each other and connect on a non-verbal level.
One participant of the drum circles said:    "   express   thanks   for   an   awesome   jam   session!   I   love   that   you   can gather   for   an   hour   with   other   humans   and   connect   solely   through rhythm...yes,   we   have   been   able   to   do   it   for   thousands   of   years   but   it is a rare event for us moderns! I felt great for days after!"
Grateful Dead Drummer Mickey HartTeams with Scientist to Study How Rhythm Heals:
Here are some documented benefits of group drumming, based on published studies,using the HealthRhtyhms facilitation protocol, as reported  by Dr. Bitman, - Improves mood by 50% - Increases vigor and activity by 6.4% - Reduces stress by 20.7% - Increases productivity by 6.3% - Decreases fatigue by 17.1% - Reduces employee turnover by 18.3%
Here is an audio recording from one of our fun drum circles: July 2012. Thank you to all participants!
Drum Circle with 60 educators who participated in a 3 day training on social - emotional learning in schools, organized by: The Greater Good Science Center in July 2013
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