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Music Therapy with Adults Use music and voice coaching as a creative way to: Decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety Find more joy in the creative process of self discovery and self-growth Connect with the playful and creative self Develop resources and coping skills Become unstuck and go beyond words Learn more about one’s own relational patterns Heal and nurture wounds of one’s “Inner Child” in non-verbal ways Develop musical and vocal skills as new ways of self-expression This process focuses on building a therapeutic relationship, starting with your strengths and creativity by: Improvising music/sound (using music as a way to express and process difficult experiences before verbalizing them and then learning how to cope) Writing songs Singing and playing of favorite, meaningful songs Guided relaxation with music Listening to music/ lyric analysis Drumming Skill - building (voice, piano, guitar, ukulele, drums) NO musical skills are required to participate in this process.